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A Sunday Afternoon Ride

Family obligations meant no riding on Saturday May 20, but they ended late Sunday morning. We generally ride in the am, but this was THAT kind of day, blue sky without clouds, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, not too much wind. The kids were gone, the grand kids with them. It was quiet. How […]

Maine Coast

So many places to ride in the USA. So little time. So, we pick and choose, and hope for good weather. The southern Maine coast was nothing short of beautiful.

Where Paved Roads Invented For Bicycles?

The Good Roads Movement  (Wikipedia) occurred in the United States between the late 1870s and the 1920s. Advocates for improved roads led by bicyclists turned local agitation into a national political movement. Outside cities, roads were dirt or gravel; mud in the winter and dust in the summer. Early organizers cited Europe where road construction […]

Different But Similar

Susan and I spend about half the riding season in the greater Kansas City area and the other half on Long Island, NY. There are significant differences.The KC area has less traffic (even in most parts of KC itself), more hills and country riding not to far away. Long Island has many rides (or parts) […]

When Is A Sweep More Than A Sweep

Obviously, when there is a broom on the back of the bike.  I couldn’t resist. There is a back story to this, however.  Some of the riders were off to clean off a sectionof road that has had broken glass on it for quite a awhile.

Mishigas II

To recap,   my mother-in-law had a pet phrase to deal with people’s behavior that was strange to her:  “Everyone has their own mishigas (craziness).” Cyclists are no exception. A cycling buddy who tends to round up a 46 mile ride to 50 miles by going out for another 4 miles. Another cycling friend who […]

The new Lynskey, Part II

Well, Susan and I have had our new bikes for awhile now and for me, it has provided me with the opportunity to be a little crazy as  my season winds down. The bicycle is 3.5 lbs lighter than my old bike, I have pedals with a bigger platform which seem to give me more […]

Ride With GPS addendum

At the time of my post on July 3 about  I was unaware that there was no iPhone version. That has changed.  An iPhone version now exists. Ride with GPS on your iPhone: So, here is plug, right from Ride With GPS If any of you riders are interested in checking out a pretty […]

Kansas City Summer 2014

  Some people head for Colorado, Oregon or Maine for the summer.Not us.  With my two grandchildren living in Kansas City, MO, our choice was to embrace the heat and enjoy family. Last spring we brought our older bicycles out here, so we would be able to ride. The Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club is […]

Desert Cycling

Susan and I recently spent a week in Palm Desert, CA  (next door to Palm Springs) bicycling and hiking. First stop Tri A Bike, for our rentals.  We found them to be the best price for good aluminum rentals. As of this writing (December 2013), KHS, Cannondale or similar bicycles were $99 a week. They […]