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Desert Cycling

Susan and I recently spent a week in Palm Desert, CA  (next door to Palm Springs) bicycling and hiking. First stop Tri A Bike, for our rentals.  We found them to be the best price for good aluminum rentals. As of this writing (December 2013), KHS, Cannondale or similar bicycles were $99 a week. They […]

How to start your ride with 15 and come back alone

Dash out of the starting point about  2-3 miles faster than the maximum ride pace.  Two of your riders decide to go off at their own pace.  You may tell them you will slow down, but they won’t believe you, because they have heard that before. Tire yourself out from the above and slow down […]

The Lynksey Bicycle Saga

Good and bad experience buying two new Lynskey Performance bicycles.

Safety Posting From LIBC Ride Group

Some thoughts and observations on our rides: Recently we have had a few rides compromised because a rider came to the ride with a bike which was not properly maintained.  It is each riders responsibility to check their bike before a club ride to ensure that it is in the proper condition.  If you want to show […]

Maybe I’ll Take Photos One Day

Riding on Long Island, NY certainly different than less congested parts of the country. The real issue is not the traffic, that can be mostly avoided. The challenge is to find areas that are really pretty, with all the housing and development around. It does exist. The south shore of Nassau County (closest to NYC) […]

It’s Been Too Long

Seems like my last post was in August of 2012!  Way too long. This has been the season of changed plans, new trips and a new bicycle. The bicycle road trip from Long Island to Kansas City got cancelled.  A lot of things going on this summer cut into our downtime if we took the […]

Biking in the USA

I have never bicycled overseas.  My friends have.  I have seen the various races on television. So, in fairness, while I cannot compare the two from personal experience, I can and will extol the riding opportunities in the US. I have ridden my bicycle in NY, MA, VT, ME, RI, CT, MD, PA, FL, SD, […]

Smelling the Barn

Saving your strength when bicycling with a group.

My ‘Old’ Bicycle

Why not to buy a new bicycle

Why? Do cyclists do these things.

Why bicycle riders do what they do.